When I was a child, my mother wrote a children’s story for her church.  The story was called Arthur’s First Autumn.  It was about a young squirrel named Arthur, and the lessons he had to learn as he was growing up.



My mother wrote the story to illustrate the importance of hard work.  People want to enjoy a happy and successful life, but they often overlook the planning and hard work required to make that happen.  When this happens, it can be very frustrating, and lead to people wanting to give up.  Growing up, I remember often hoping that things would work out for me on their own, instead of taking the initiative to make them happen myself.  I worked hard to make a good life for myself, with the support of friends and family. I also realize there is still room for me to improve myself, and help people around me.

As someone who loves illustrating, I wanted to share my vision of what Arthur would look like.  I wanted Arthur’s story to reach children and their families. The story is over 30 years old, but I believe the lessons learned would be valuable today.

Having to work hard at a young age can be hard lesson to learn.   But the value of such a lesson will be beneficial as they grow up.  Understanding this will help them throughout their life.  When my mother wrote this story, the intention was to teach that lesson in a way that could be understood by children, and appreciated by adults.  While I illustrate in a variety of mediums, graphic design, consultation and visual branding, Arthur’s story will always be special to me, as it reflects my mother’s ideals, and reaching out to teach children important life lessons through literature and illustrations.

I hope you will be able to take the time to visit the children’s stories page of my website, and learn more about who is Arthur and his first two adventures.


Best wishes,