What if I fail? Try again.

June 23, 2016 Off By Sunil Paul

What if I fail?  Try again.

When you try anything for the first time, there’s a natural fear that you might fail.  When I think about trying something new for the first time, my initial thought is almost always “what if I fail?”  Over time, I tried to focus more on what I could potentially be capable of doing, rather than worrying about failing.  I found this helped me want to try to learn new skills, even if it involved failing to apply them properly the first few times.  But trial-and-error is how you learn where your limits are.  it will involve leaving your comfort zone, which will result in you experiencing failures along the way.

I’m constantly trying to learn new illustration styles and techniques.  When I try to draw something for the first time, I know it will probably not end up looking the way I want it to.  Nothing wrong with that!  What keeps me going is focusing more on the improvements I’m making, and less on the result.  It’s exciting for me, because with each attempt, I can see the improvements, and the potential to keep getting better.  I’m trying, failing, then trying again.  Once I’m done, I can see the improvement.   I can see where I started, and where I finished.  If I kept being afraid of failing, I would never try anything new.   I would be losing out on developing new skills, which could only have been possible after learning from my failures.

What if I fail again?

Failures and setbacks are going to happen at some point in your life, both professionally and personally, despite your best efforts and intentions.  But you can’t let them stop you from trying to move forward.  You can learn from those failures and try again.  Also, remind yourself what you did right, and use that as encouragement to give you the confidence to try again.

If you’re too worried about making a mistake, of being afraid to fail, you’ll never want to try.  But if you really want to find out what your potential is, you have to avoid this trap.  You have to see what you’re capable of, even if it means experiencing failures along the way.

Try.  Fail.  Learn from those failures and try again.  You will get better, and you’ll feel your confidence and self-esteem grow.  You’ll actually want to take on more challenges.  Also, you’ll want to encourage those around you to do the same.

The character I illustrated below is for a story about a child who wants to learn more about the outside world, even if that means learning just how little books can prepare him once he experiences the outside world for the first time.


what if I fail




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