This page is dedicated to my comic, “Squall: The Storm Of Choice”.  The image below is some concept work for Cyan Wolfangell and her Liege Protectorates.





Squall is set in the fictional world of Terra.  While the setting will deal with fantasy and steampunk elements which I enjoy, the story grounds itself in many issues such as relationships, politics, adventure and exploration, both outside one’s person, and within.  Even though the story is told in a fantasy world, in the end, the story is about people.  People who want a better life, not just for themselves and those they love, but also for everyone else.  And to those nations and families that came to power through forcing their rule on others, a better life for others is an end to their way of life as they know it.

Coping with any of these issues is a challenge in itself, and if one tries to deal with all of them, it can feel like being in a storm…or a Squall.

The MAPS and BIOS links help to establish the world building.  More posts will be added to each of the links below to establish more of the world of Squall.




PRELUDE – HEISUN (coming soon)

PRELUDE – CYAN (coming soon)

Squall: The Storm Of Choice is a story set in the fantasy world of Terra.  Nations exist as sovereign island states, each ruled by their own Noble House.  While they all may possess differing views on culture, class and family, one desire they all share is to possess more power.  History has illustrated that power is

Cyan Wolfangell and Heisun Obsianna are from different nations separated by the great Halvian Sea.  They each belong to families who see their houses as the most dominant in their realms.  They will find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of change.  Where they must balance their loyalty against their own beliefs.  Their desire to serve, against the demands placed on them.  But in the end, this story is about people.  About seeking what all would seek.  Freedom and happiness in a world that wants to grant neither.

Recently, I decided to stop procrastinating and make the story.  I think with many of us, there’s a tendency to want to wait for the perfect time, or for your skills to be at that perfect level.  I realized that things will never be perfect.  My story will never be perfect.  My art will never be perfect.  But they don’t have to be.  In the end, I have a story I want to tell, and my hope is that you find it enjoyable and inspiring.  Worst case scenario, people will hate the story, or the art, or both!  But that’s okay.  I just want to tell this story, and hope you’ll find it interesting!


Issue 1 of SQUALL: The Storm Of Choice is finished and is now available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca!