In the realm of Terra, the North and the South are separated by the Halvian Sea.  The storms and tempests that plague the Halvian Sea are dangerous and make navigation almost impossible.  Only few have ever been able to successfully cross the Sea and make contact with the other side.

It is said that only the ancestors of Wolfenstaad and Obsidsinoir have ever made contact with one another.  It is unknown why this contact was not maintained over time, although many feel it was due to the sheer danger in simply attempting to travel the sea.  Both Wolfenstaad and Obsidsinoir have become the most dominant nations in their region, so it is likely neither side had anything of value for the other.  Wolfenstaad has long been regarded as the most powerful and influential of all Northern nations, while Obsidsinoir has, through its vast resources, become an economic power throughout the South.

Outside of these two nations, the others have never ventured far beyond their lands.



The economic centre of the North is the Nation of Wolfenstaad.  It is regarded as one of the oldest of all nations.  It has maintained its role of dominance, through its military in the early years, to economics and diplomacy in the present.  They have always maintained a position of superiority in the military, scientific and medical fields.  This is due, in large part, to access to the largest reserves of mineral resources and precious metals in the realm.

While all nations have a nobility ruling over commoners, nowhere can the growing gap in inequality be seen more than Wolfenstaad.  The commoners who live on the mainland may have the same standard of living as other nations to the north, but the ruling nobility, House Wolfangell, is far wealthier that that of the other Nobilities.  This leads to a perception, accurate or not, fair or not, that the commoners of Wolfenstaad are the poorest in all the north.

While not possessing an excess of arable land and freshwater to feed their people, Wolfenstaad’s population has remained at a relatively stable level.  This is not consistent with other nations.  Over time, nations’ populations grow, some faster than others.  Some beyond their leaders’ ability to to feed.  But not with Wolfenstaad…




Obsidsinoir possesses the largest reserves of arable land and freshwater.  This has allowed it to dominate its neighbours economically in times of peace as much is it dominated them in times of war with its armies.

Its reliance on natural resources for trade has lead many to see Obsidsinoir as more of an agricultural power, and thus, a less developed nation.  Despite technological advances made, this perception still holds, had has resulted in Obsidsinoir being treated with a lower level of respect by those in the North.