Most of my early work out of school had to do with designing logos, whether it was for companies, or a mural at a college.  Not really something I wanted to get into at that time, but I learned to appreciate its importance, and how something that may look so simple to people on the outside, needed to have so much work put into it.  Logo design is vital to your identity.  It represents your brand’s core values.  Your goals.  Your mission.  A bold design tells a story.  It makes you stand out to your clients.  In the end, your logo will send a message and leave an impression.  A visually compelling design will help build your brand.  I think the understanding of how a logo design can help to tell a story helped me get into the right mindset for that work, and to also apply it to other projects.



One of my first logo design commissions was a project for Rizen.  Rizen Nation is an international community.  Its mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve success.  In addition, they talk about the importance of achieving a balanced life.  The balance involves health, spirit, relationships and wealth.  Thomas Le Maguer is the founder.  I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas, and he is very committed to Rizen, and what it stands for.  The visual identity of Rizen was a phoenix.  It symbolized rebirth, and it was important to convey that in the logo.  The design below was the final version.  The wings were swept up to symbolize triumph.  I was really happy with how the design came out, and thankfully, so was Thomas!





I designed this logo for a coffee company based in Kenya.  The colour scheme was to reflect Kenya’s national colours.  It was requested by a family friend, so I took the work and came up with a concept below.  I’m not sure if it’s still being used, but was happy they liked it at the time and decided to accept it.  (Not really a coffee drinker, but maybe someday…!)

logo design, kenya coffee



The designs below were some concepts I had worked on.  One of the benefits of doing this kind of work was that it allowed me to experiment and expand my skillset.  The industry of these clients was diverse, as it went from private security contractors to a specialty chocolate company!


logo design