Fanart is something that I’ve always enjoyed making, so I wanted to create a page that was focused on that.   Just a quick disclaimer (because you never know how people will react!).  The characters drawn here were created by other people.  I do not own any of them, I just wanted to make my own contributions to share with other fans.



Deanoru (Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru) fanart is something that I enjoyed creating.  So, I wanted to have a page dedicated to them.  I enjoyed the comic series, Runaways, but I enjoyed the TV series even more.  I liked how they handled their relationship.  It never felt forced, it seemed very natural and the actors did an amazing job of bringing their characters and relationship to life.  Staying true to to the original comic characters, while enhancing and adding new dimensions to them for everyone to enjoy.

This short story I made takes place a few days after the Season 3 finale, and touches on something that happened in Season 3 Episode 5.  I thought that scene was interesting, and would have been really interesting if they had more time to expand on it.

Random Images

These are not part of specific storylines yet.  They are just one shots!


Turning in after a long day




This is the first in a new adventure Deanoru are going on.  It takes place after the season 3 finale, and my idea was that while looking through some Gibborim texts, they discover that there was legend of an ancient Gibborim city that existed ages ago, and could hold more answers to the prophecy.  I liked the idea of Deanoru going on an adventure to learn more about what was a major plot in the series, and that it would let them have some time to talk about everything that’s happened and how they’ll face new challenges together.  Would welcome any feedback!


My Own Story

To be honest, for Squall: The Storm Of Choice, Deanoru was a huge inspiration when designing my main characters because of how the actors brought them to life.  The story does take place in an alternate world and time, but the issues and challenges the main characters face, are ones that can be related to anyone.  There were a lot of elements I was inspired by in their story. If you have a chance to visit the Squall page, I would love to know what you think.  It’s something that I’m excited to have started, and will be building to build on.


Why Make This?

For those who have yet to watch the series (and I highly recommend you do!), there may be potential spoilers or hints for events that took place in the series.  Again, this is just fanart fan fiction.  My own story of how I think they would try to come to terms with the events in the series, and continue to grow together.  If you enjoy the pictures, please leave comments or email me at  My page is set up for receiving feedback, so as a result, you can leave comments with any suggestions or questions.

A few other reasons why I set up this page.  Most of my pictures are made in high-res, so I found that when I try to shrink them to post on IG, it doesn’t always turn out the way I want.  I have more freedom to format the way I want here because it is my own website.

I do post on IG, but not as frequently.  One, because of the formatting, but also, because sometimes it can be chaotic on social media.  I’ve had instances where there has been some negatives or tense interactions, so I wanted to scale back the amount of content I put there, at least just for the time being!

I’ll be adding more as I continue this storyline for them.  I really enjoyed watching Marvels Runaways, and as a result, wanted to make this fanart and fiction.   This is just my own small way of keeping their story going!