I set this page aside to focus specifically on children’s stories and character designs.  Some of the designs are for stories I am developing.  Others are just design concepts using different styles of illustration.



Don’t be afraid

I’m working on a story about a young student going to her first school dance.  She is very self-conscious of herself due to her disability.  She finally decides to go to the dance after encouragement from her friends and family.  I wanted to show the contrast in reactions from her peers.  Some were mocking her attempts at having a good time.  Other students felt badly at how she was being treated.  In the end, she will enjoy her first dance.  I will add more pictures to illustrate that this dance night will have a happy ending for her!





Little Martian

This illustration is of a young martian named Olive. She has never had a friend from Earth before.   Olive is excited to travel to Earth and finally meet her.  Living on Mars her whole life, she can’t wait to meet her new friend and experience her first winter.







Gray stone

This is Olive’s pen pal, Stone.  She had a genetic condition that resulted in her being born with grey hair.  Gray stood out among her classmates due to her grey hair.  She spent most of her time chatting with people online, which is how she got to know Olive.  Stone is also excited to meet Olive.  She has always been interested in learning more about her, and her home planet, Mars.





Cute little octopus

I tried drawing a baby octopus.  It’s fun to try illustrating something you do not normally draw. It helps you learn different drawing styles and incorporate them into your future illustrations.



When focusing on character designs, I  make the overall designs simple so they’re easy to view.   I make them as expressive as possible.