Cyan Wolfangell of Wolfenstaad and Heisun Obsianna of Obsidsinoir.

Born into Nobility.  Chosen to rule.  Their actions will determine the future of their nations.






Liege Protectorates.


First seen in the early years of Wolfenstaad, serving House Wolfangell.  Over time, they have come to be House Wolfangell’s Royal Army.  After that, it is also unknown how many Lieges actually exist now in service to House Wolfangell.


Some say there are only a few thousand, while unconfirmed reports place their numbers at closer to one hundred thousand.  This vast disparity in numbers has lead to many speculations, and few logical conclusions.  If the numbers are closer to a thousand, how have they been able to rule over a mainland with a population in the millions?  If the numbers are closer to one hunderd thousand, how were they able to recruit that many?

If one were ever to visit the island Capital and meet any of its nobles, they would be treated to their air of arrogance and a belief in superiority over all other nations and races.  This nationalism is to be expected, of course, from any ambitious nation, especially the most powerful house in the North.  But if one were to continue speaking with the nobles, they would see that this belief in superiority did not translate into serving.  To be simply put, they believed in the importance of sacrificing for the good of their nation… as long as it was someone else who was doing the sacrificing.  The history, or rather, the mythology of the Lieges and their exploits would suggest that their recruitment did not come from the Capital and its nobles.  Although they did serve them without question.  The commoner population in the mainland, with its sheer numbers, would be the most likely place of recruitment.  However, given the historical conflicts between nobles enforcing their rule, and commoners having to endure it, it would seem odd for them to serve an entity that continues to dominate their own people.  So if Nobles and Commoners both are unlikely to join, how have the Lieges been able to maintain their numbers throughout time?

This is one of many questions other nations have asked, on how the nation of Wolfenstaad has maintained its dominance throughout history.  But one fact does remain.  The Liege Protectorates have always been the most powerful force in the northern realm.  They are one of the main reasons other nations choose to resolve trade and territory disputes diplomatically, rather than militarily.


Candidate Selection Process

Candidates must pass the strictest of tests.  Historically, there have always been 3 components that are essential to a Liege candidate’s selection:  intelligence, strength, and loyalty.  All 3 must be possessed.  Candidates with little intelligence could only be trusted with the most remedial of duties.  A candidate with little strength cannot be relied on to protect the Nobility, and will likely be dismissed.

Candidates that had strength and intelligence, but questionable loyalty, were the most problematic of all candidates.  They would be too dangerous to accept, or dismiss.  According to sources within the capital, the selection process now only requires intelligence and strength.  No mention of loyalty.  Odd, given the level of obedience House Wolfangell demands from all under them.  However, the loyalty of the Lieges has remained constant throughout centuries, and nowhere was their loyalty more evident than the Malcontent Uprisings.  This event took place over a year ago.  Angry commoners attempted to destabilize the economy.  The Lieges stormed the mainland in vast number to restore law and order.  Malcontents who were not killed were publicly executed.  A few were taken to the capital island for interrogation, where they were not heard from again.



The mask of the Liege was faceless by design.  It drew on ancient myths and superstitions.  The image of death is seen as a dark, faceless entity.   The long cloaks created a sense of unease and mystery.


Maintaining Order

Lieges would never speak to commoners directly.  They would be accompanied by a Noble, who would handle interactions with the commoners.  Only Nobles could speak to Lieges directly, and Lieges only answered to Nobles.

This served two purposes.  First, it helped preserve the mystique of the Lieges.  Second, it reinforced the importance of the Nobles as they were the only ones who could command the Lieges.


Liege Guard Design Concept (updated)

Concept Art

Updated design for royal guard


Happy to upload and share the latest design for the Liege Protectorate, the royal guard of House Wolfangell.  What I enjoy about the revisions was that I could make those small changes to the initial design, but also keep and refine what I liked.  I liked the mask design and the flowing robes, but felt the design of the armoured shoulder plates was too simple.  I added some details to give it more character.





House Obsianna has ruled Obsidsinoir since its formation centuries ago.  Unlike neighboring nations who focused on building fortifications and strongholds, House Obsianna’s focus was on the future.  Their focus was on aggressive infrastructure development, and technological advances.  Nowhere was this more evident than in the development of SERENITY.  A massive airship, several kilometres in length, it took years to finish, and completed its first flight without incident.

SERENITY is made up of 2 sections.  The helium-contained upper section is where the piloting, navigation and engineering sections all are.   There are several levels under the helium container.  Meeting rooms, weaponry and supplies, as well as quarters and eateries.  The lower section of the SERENITY is held up by specially-reinforced cables.

The lower section is called “Home One”.   It is several levels high, and runs from end to end.   Marble floors, polished wooden walls, crystal chandeliers and lighting make the ship more luxurious and opulent than the castles of some rival nations.  It has several quarters for the royal family and their guests.  It is essentially a city in the sky.

There is a museum within the vessel.  This museum tells the history of Obsidsinoir and House Obsianna’s role throughout its history (from House Obsianna’s uncontested point of view).

It also contains a large floor map which details the location and topography of all known lands south of the Halvian Sea.  They use this room for many of their meetings.  To dignitaries of foreign nations, these maps help when discussing logistical and trade issues, and also serve as a subtle reminder of the level of knowledge House Obsianna possesses on each of them.

There are massive omni windows at the front, sides, back, and even bottom of the ship.  The glass windows cover several floors and kilometres.  This allows for a great amount of natural lighting.

Several Soldat Rejal are on this ship.  They are the personal royal guard of the Royal Family. One of the most decorated Soldats, Kinn, frequently occupies the ship as an escort to Heisun Obsianna, the future Heiress to the nation.

Heisun takes the SERENITY on its maiden flight across the Halvian Sea.  Kinn accompanies her as a personal assistant and bodyguard.