I received my certificate in Computer Animation and Special Effects.   It was at the Bell Centre for Creative Communications. The BCCC is now the Centennial College Story Arts Centre.  I created a logo for the recreation room at Seneca College.  I also worked on a mural for the Seneca Student Council at King Campus.  In 2004 I was interviewed by Desi News.  It is an Indian magazine company based in Toronto. The interview was for the May issue of Desi News.   The focus was on my background, interests, as well as my motivation for publishing children’s books.

This interview with Desi News also coincided with copies of “Le premier automne d’Arthur“. It was the French version of “Arthur’s First Autumn”.  It was donated to the Ebenezer Matriculation School in Chennai, India.

Projects include working with clients at DTF.  Another client was as the TRG Requirement Group.  TRG specialized in tactical equipment and supplies.  The image was a rampant lion.  It looked similar to a military coat-of-arms.  The owners were formerly in law enforcement.  Another completed project was a logo for BUYKENYACOFFEE.COM.

Past projects involved working with Baby Nimbus (   I worked on designs suitable for children’s apparel. Baby Nimbus  helps new artists network through social media, interviews, and in-person events.

New projects include a collection of black and white illustrations, which focus on animals in the wild. Once the designs have been completed, a new page will be setup for them!