Cyan Wolfangell – Heiress of House Wolfangell.  Future Monarch to Wolfenstaad – Squall – The Storm of Choice



Welcome to my site!



I’m Sunil.  I’ve loved drawing since I was a child, and doing it for a living has always been a dream of mine.  For me, being self-taught, it’s been a challenging journey, but worth every minute and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

I want to bring life to others peoples’ visions to life, whether it’s for a story someone has written, designing a logo to give one’s company a visual identity, or fan art for someone’s favourite character!

The image above is a character in my own comic: Squall – The Storm of Choice.  I have a section dedicated to character designs, and pages from the series, as well as one for fan art.  As someone who has grown up on comics, being able to bring this to life has been very fulfilling for me.

As you explore more of my site, you will see more examples of my work and how important it is for me to create.  I will be updating with new designs regularly.

My contact information is below, please feel free to reach out with any project inquiries or general questions.



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