This page has a mix of characters created for upcoming stories.  When designing some of the characters, I tried to make the settings around them reflect the mood or overall tone of the stories.  Once I determine the environment that the character is going to be in, I then try to tailor the characters’ appearance and pose to be consistent with their surroundings.  I like illustrating a variety of settings, from natural environments to urban settings.  I also like to illustrate settings by lakes or oceans, so I can experiment with different styles for how objects are reflected against the water.


Sunset Cruise


This was an idea I had in my head for some time; to illustrate a sub setting with its reflection and rays appearing over the sea.  The gentleman watching the sunset is on the deck of a cruise ship.  I liked the idea of him taking notice of the sun about to set over the water.


Swamp landscape


I used a setting of a mountain valley, but used shades of green to create an atmosphere of a swamp climate in the valley.  I also used rays from the sun to give off a yellow tint to some of the valley mountains.


Young child



Just an image I wanted to create to show a young child daydreaming in his home.  I used soft colour tones to give the character and background a light finish.


When trying out some basic designs, I try to set up the characters and backgrounds so that people can have an idea of the stories just by looking at that single image.  The more I use this approach, the more I find I can illustrate stories using multiple illustrations that are faithful to stories the writers want to tell.  Often, I will try illustrating a character and setting first, and then write stories based on what I have drawn.