For this page, I designed various landscapes using building structures against different background settings.  I experimented with different styles, using thick lines and solid colours for some illustrations, while using softer lines and lighter colours for others.



Castle Sunset

castle sunset1

I wanted to create an image of a sunset behind a castle.  The castle was a dark grey to help create a silhouette effect without making the landscape look too dark.  I liked the idea of having it on an island covered with trees, and with the trees and some of the sunset sky reflected against the lake.  To help frame the castle and island, I had two large mountain walls on both sides.



Metropolitan City


The is one of the concepts I was creating for a city in the future.  The character to the lower left is viewing the urban landscape from a garden rooftop.  It is a destination for tourists and immigrants both from across the earth, as well as Mars.  The city will be a place where people can contribute to their city’s economic success and be welcome, regardless of their background.


Mountains By The Lake


The mountains across the lake were used to help centre the trees just above the lake.  I created a reflection of both the trees and the mountain on the lake.  The trees to either side are be closest to the viewer.  I used more more detail for the trees, so they would appear more in focus than the mountains and trees in the distance.  The end result was what I was hoping for.  I am looking to learn and improve on future landscape designs.


Cube Building

city landscape

The main focus of this illustration is the cube structure at the centre.  The structure of the cube probably defies all sorts of engineering and architectural logic, but it was a lot of fun to illustrate, as it was an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with using a different style.  I used thick lines and solid colours to give the buildings a bolder appearance.  2-point perspective was used and tilted the angle of the picture, to give it a more dramatic look at first glance.




I wanted to illustrate the sunlight shining on some clouds.  I added grey under some clouds to highlight the contrast from the sun shining just above them.  To help frame the clouds against the sun, I added a building structure.  I had an idea of a structure built into the mountains, which is why the bottom shows a structure, while the top is part of a rock face.