Concept art illustrations below are for characters in upcoming stories.   Other concept designs are still being finalized before the stories are illustrated.  While my interest has always been in fantasy settings, I try to draw a variety of backgrounds.  I make it a point to practice illustrating everyday environments as well.   Compelling stories can take place at any setting, and at any time period.  When illustrating characters, I try to determine not just their environment and their circumstances, but the time period that the story is taking place.  If the character is a person, then it helps determine how they would dress.  Even if the character is an animal, it will help with any clothing accents, such as hats or hairstyles.

Princess from Mars


This concept art is actually an adult version of a character I developed for an upcoming story.  Her name is Olive.  A design of her as a child can be found on the page “Character Designs“.


Visiting Princess


Another design of the same character.  I used this pose to show a different view of the princess in a different uniform. This uniform is used for travelling to different worlds.  I wanted the uniform to appear more rugged and durable.


A friend to keep spirits up


Since it is not always easy to make friends, I liked the idea of someone having a stuffed animal come to life who could be a best friend or sibling to help when spirits are low.  The stuffed animal’s biggest help to the child would be having the patience  to listen, and help lift spirits as much as possible.




This design is for a story about overcoming obstacles and learning to be happy and appreciate what one still has.  Instead of a futuristic or fantasy setting, I used a present-day setting to tell this story.