A while back, I had published children’s books, which can be seen below.  These stories focus on the adventures of a young squirrel named Arthur.

Arthur’s adventures are about overcoming obstacles, and improving one’s confidence in themselves.  When I put the stories together, I wanted the stories to have a positive impact on all young readers and their families, helping them believe that they could do anything they set their minds to!


Arthur’s First Autumn

Arthur’s First Autumn is a story about learning the value of hard work.  Arthur is a kind-hearted, yet lazy young squirrel.  When the season changes, and summer turns to autumn, the days get shorter and colder.  Arthur needs to find food and shelter, but he has never had to work hard for anything before.  Arthur will have to find shelter and gather enough food before winter arrives.

While difficult and even frustrating at first, the more you try and the more progress you make, the more you will feel a sense of accomplishment.  You’ll feel a sense of pride, and will look at yourself with a greater sense of self-esteem.

Arthur’s First Autumn was intended to help people learn the benefits of being more self-reliant, and the happiness they would feel once they have more confidence in themselves.

… and now available on Amazon Kindle!

children's booksLe premier automne d’Arthur

Arthur’s First Autumn was published in a French version. “Le premier automne d’Arthur” was the title, which was included in the Salon du livre.  Salon du live was a French book fair which was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in September 2004.

Le premier autumn d’Arthur was sold at the French language bookstore Librairie Champlain.  Librairie Champlain was an exceptional resource for those seeking French literature, since it was providing services for public and educational institutions for almost forty years at that time.

children's booksArthur’s First Winter

Arthur’s First Winter is a story about overcoming shyness and making new friends.  While exploring the forest in winter, Arthur comes across a group of squirrels playing a game.  Arthur wants to play, but does not know any of the other squirrels playing, and Arthur is very shy. It can be very intimidating at first (speaking from experience!).  But by overcoming your shyness and reaching out, at the end of the day, you might have more friends than you realize!  You’ll also end up having more confidence in yourself and be more outgoing in the future.

This was an important story for me for two reasons: one, I hadn’t written a children’s story before, and two, shyness was something that I still work on overcoming to this day.  So when I wrote Arthur’s First Winter, it was with the intention of helping people reach out to meet new people, make new friends to share adventures with.





…and now available on Amazon Kindle!



Upcoming Books…

Upcoming children’s books feature new stories with new characters.  Our characters will go on new adventures, and they also learn valuable lessons which they will share with their friends.  As a result, they will want to go with their friends on new adventures.